BEFAG parquet is designed to make your home warm and cosy.

Hungarian product with 44 years of tradition makes this parquet incredibly valuable for those who seek European product focused on quality.

The new 5G installation system

BEFAG parquet is produced with Välinge 2G and 5G systems that provide fast, realiable, and efficient installation solution and long term reliability.

Environmental sustanability

We are proud that our products are made from real wood with particular care toward our precious environment.

Design visualiser

Upload a photo of your rooms and see how different designs blend in your home.

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Why to choose BEFAG parquet?

It is the most economical, real wood flooring solution that satisifies both the quality and environmentaly conscious requirements.

  • selected raw material base, from our own forests
  • controlled and consistent production procedures
  • high quality finished parquet
  • stable financial background
  • exact delivery time
  • reliable, predictable business relation